Selasa, 26 Januari 2016

Trip to Museum Geologi

On Thursday (21/6) Social Class of SMAN 3 Bandung went to Museum Geologi to do an external study. Museum Geologi was located on Jalan Diponegoro, it's not far away from Pusdai.

We went there at 9 a.m. Some of the students went there by school car, but most of the boys rode their motorcycle. I went separately from my friend, I was late because I had to take my brother's motorcycle key in his class. After I got the key, I rode my motorcycle with Jamil behind me.

When I arrived there, I was separated from my friends, so I had to find them. I searched them in the room where there was a lot of dinosaur fossils, but I didn't find them. So, I searched in the another room, and found them. When I met them, suddenly Mr. Priyadi, our Geography teacher said that he had to go back to school, because there was a visitor who wanted to meet him. He said that if we  felt bored, we could leave and went home and we said yes!

But, after Mr. Priyadi left, we didn't go home, we still went around there, looking at a lot of interesting stuff. In Museum Geology we saw a lot of kind of stones, fossils of ancient creatures, and also learned about the structure of the earth.

I think, the most interesting part in Museum Geologi was when we all tried the earthquake simulator. The security kept  watching us when we tried it. It was hillarious!

Not long after it, we finished our sightseeing, so we went to the front room and suddenly Mr. Priyadi appeared there and said that we could go back if we wanted. So, we went back to school, because we had a German class.

So, I think the visit to Museum Geologi was so amusing! We could do an external study which isn't boring. It also gave me a lot of new experience, because when the first time I visited it, a long time ago, I didn't pay attention to all of the information about a lot of things there.

Ophiolite Rocks

First fossil ever

Museum Geologi field's from the 2nd floor

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