Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Education For a Better Future

            In my opinion education is a process of learning either formal, non-formal, or informal. Formal education is what we have at school, while non-formal education is a process of learning that we’ve got from another institution besides school, like a course that we take, and informal education is a process of learning that we’ve got from our environment, like family, friends, or our other inner circle.
            As we know now, people usually assume that education is only a lesson that we’ve got from school, reading books, class with teacher. That’s a wrong statement. In fact, when we talk to everybody, it’s a part of education or when we do something with the others, it’s a kind of education too.
            For a better future, we should change our perception on education, because education isn’t only about the formal one. Then, we should increase the moral education, not only about science . We can’t just create a lot of science experts , but we should create people who have  abilities to read the situation and make strategic decision. So,   when we grow up,  we can have  logic argument when we argue with the others.
            Besides that, we also have to develop the human resources factor – teacher. Because, at school, teacher is our role model and as  human, we usually follow our role models. The better teacher we have, the better role model we have, the better people we will be. And besides about role models, teacher is also a media who will transfer his or her knowledge to us, their student. So, they should have an ability to do that. They should be humble, kind, and patient. Because, there’s no instant way to study, we should follow the process.
            The other factor that can make the education better in the future is an action from the government to improve the formal education in their countries. In Indonesia, actually the government help their residents to get a chance to have a formal education for 12 years! It’s called BOS. It’s the program where the government help people who have an economic problem, so they can still get a formal education. Unfortunately, BOS isn’t distributed well. So, there’s still a lot of students, especially from the isolated areas that located far away from the city haven’t felt the impact of BOS. So, the government role is so important to solve this issue.
            In my opinion, the last one is we have to create the education system that allow us to  focus in one speciality. It’s good to master a lot of fields(bidang), but it’ll be better if a person can be an expert in one particular field (bidang) that he or she likes . Because, that’s what the advanced countries do. I think, the developed countries should adopt it to their education system.