Selasa, 08 September 2015


Gamarvani is the annual cultural festival of SMAN 3 Bandung. Every year they have a new organization structure and also new theme that'll make this event become a better event every year.

Gamarvani means a journey to the moon. Gamarvani was taken from Sanksakerta words, "Gama" and "Parvani". Gamarvani is a story about a story Nyai Anteh the moon watchlady.

There will be a lot of artists and guest stars in this event! Like Adera and Hivi whom almost every teenagers love. Besides the popular artists, there will also  be  performances by some extracurricular in SMAN 3 Bandung, like KPA 3 that will perform an angklung show, MK that will  show us the beauty of classical music, and many more!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get the ticket and join us in Lapang Bali on 19 September 2015!

Now, you can get your ticket on Jl. Kalimantan. There will be a ticket counter across the second school gate.

My Friend!

I want to introduce my new friend. His name is Mohammad Jamil Jiddan Rasyid. You can call him Jamil or Jamal, he is usually called Jamal in the class. He was born on February 8­th ­2000 in Bandung. He is the 10th child of 11. He has 4 older brothers, 4 older sisters, and 1 little brother. He lives at Buton Dalam Street no. 13. It’s located around Veteran Street.

His previous school is SMPN 4 Bandung. Now, he is my classmate in 10 Social SMAN 3 Bandung. In sha Allah we will be a classmate for 3 years starts from now. He chose social studies because he wants to be a spy. He wants to go to STIN and works for BIN.

His favorite subject at school is PE because it makes us healthier. He also has an idol who goes to the sports world. His idol is Arjen Robben, he is a football player who plays for Bayern Munchen and Holland National Team.

Jamil has a super character. He is a really funny guy. He is the ”life” of the class who always makes his classmates  laugh. He is a really creative person, he can turn a serious atmosphere in class into a laugh just by saying 1 or 2 words. That’s what make us- 10 Social students like Jamil. Jamil and I also like to talk about everything, especially about funny moments that happened when the teacher is explaining haha! That’s so hilarious! We usually make jokes when the history and Germany classes start.

Jamil with "Diwaro ih!" pose which is being trending.

His type of girl is the one who has a hot body but he said that the most important is the girl should have a good heart and cover their aurat. So girl, if you read this, you can say hi to Jamil by visiting 10 Social Class!